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hausify enables property administrators to work more cost efficiently

Manage more apartments per employee and increase the service level for your owners and tenants at the same time.  Efficiency is the key, in communication, as well as with our easy to handle document management system.  hausify let’s you interact with your customers more quickly and transparently -  if you wish in their very language.  Happy customers increase customer loyalty and get more recommendations!

save time

Decrease administration costs

Improve customer service

Transparent communication

Satisfied customer - less work for you

✓ Admin-area for configuration

Easy configuration of workflows for notifications in your front-end’s admin-area

✓ Transparency -  no more double notifications

Notifications for standard cases are being sent directly to the right service company - if you wish them to

✓ Integration of service companies

Notifications for standard cases are being sent directly to the right service company - if you wish them to

increase your efficiency in admin and improve service

✓ Service Level Agreements

The ticketing-system logs processing times. Monitor and execute SLAs with your service companies.

✓ Multiple languages available

The tenants app is available in different languages

ERP integration

Connect your administration software with hausify

✓ Master data management

With full integration single master data management only

✓ Import master data using CSV / XLS


Even without full ERP integration the creation and updating of master data is fast and simple by using CSV and XLS imports

Document management and print&mail services

Automated upload, hassle-free download, easy postal and digital dispatch

✓ Upload into the DMS

You can upload large files.
Automatic text recognition matches documents to tenants

✓ Resident download area

Residents read, send, print or save documents in their document area

✓ Print & Mail services

Electronic hand-over of files to a 3rd party print&mail provider

Improved efficiency and customer service