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Transparency and communication
in your propery that works

Instead of asking yourself if and when damages in your housing complex will be taken care off, you see at any time if your administration has been informed about the problem. 
And if they are not yet, you do so in the blink of an eye.
With hausify you always have a grasp on what is going on.
That way hausify helps to actively increase your property’s value.

your documents on hand

save time

better communication


Find all your documents in the download area

✓ Personal as well as general documents     

From declaration of condominium to statement of account.

All documents in one place.

✓ Download, share or send by traditional mail

Download, print or email directly out of your hausify app.
Share through email or social app.

✓ Secure cloud storage

All your documents are stored on European Servers fulfilling the laresr GDPR requirements

Your documents - always with you.

✓ Offline storage

All your documents locally stored on your phone - if you want to.

Digital and direct communication

You most certainly can call you administration. You do not have to though. Communication with hausify is traceable and binding. 

✓ Digital bulletin board

Your bulletin board becomes digital. This way information from your administration reaches you, even when you are not at home. 

✓ Not responsible? Not anymore!

You contact your administration via the hausify app. No searching for the right contact person anymore. In case you prefer a call anyway - use the call option or arrange an appointment using the app.

✓ History

Your correspondence is not getting lost. You have access to the records at any time.Faster and better 

Faster and better communication

✓ History

Your correspondence is not getting lost. You have access to the records at any time.Faster and better 


Counselours my have special rights to certain documents and decissions.

✓ Documentation areas

Extended access right for document downloads.
Online and offline storage.

Share though social App or forward by Email.

Fulltext quick-search your documents.



✓ Voting component

Counselours with rights to vote can access the voting tool.

✓ Find decissions faster with your co-counselours

Do quick-polls with other tanants or your property managerment council.

Workflows for direct order placements

Direct order placements save time and increase residents’ satisfaction

✓ Automated placement of standard orders

Residents capture damage reports via the app. For standard cases the orders can be placed directly with you

✓ No more media format mismatches

You get your notifications via hausify. Always in the same format. Yesterday fax, today email, tomorrow phone - no more. 

✓ Easy status updates

Update the status of an order in the hausify app. Once your work is done, set the status to done

Working more efficiently and improved service.

App or email

You choose the media how you communicate

✓ Working with hausify- 100% digital

Update the work in progress status in the hausify app. You certainly also get emails for your record.

✓ Prefer Email?

Receive orders per email. Your replies are being processed in hausify. You decide on your form of communication.


✓ hausify 4.0 

Orders going directly into your ERP? Your invoices going directly into your customer’s ERP? We are working on it...

Service company pool

You decide if you go digital and gain new customers

✓ the hausify service company pool

Administrations choose from a regional list of companies already using hausify. It is additional business and you already know how it is done.

gain new

✓ Work closer with building managers

The administration recommends you to its residents. Extra business for you with no effort of acquisition to standard terms and conditions.