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Transparency and communication that works

Instead of asking yourself if and when damages in your housing complex will be taken care off,

you see at any time if your administration has been informed about the problem.

And if they are not yet, you do so in the blink of an eye.

With hausify you always have a grasp on what is going on.

communication transparency

secure cloud storage

Translation services included

Get tenants involvement up

Talk to your customers in their language

✓ Multiple languages

The tenants app is available in different languages.

✓ Communicating to be understood

Create the digital bulletin and your correspondence in your tenants’ language

✓ One-two-three: translation done


hausify offers access to translations for fixed conditions

hausify and your ERP = 1 system

Seamless integration into your system landscape: ERP, local hosting and BIM

✓ Master data management  

With full integration only 1 x master data management  

✓ Import master data using CSV / XLS

Even without full ERP integration the creation and updating of master data is fast and simple by using CSV and XLS imports

✓ Local Hosting

You decide where to host - on your servers or with hausify



✓ Service-Level Agreements

Have service companies check or update technical information of the building and transmit them directly into your BIM

Document management and print&mail services

Automated upload, hassle-free download, easy postal and digital dispatch

✓ Upload into the DMS 

You can upload large files.
Automatic text recognition matches documents to tenants

✓ Tenant download area

Tenants read, send, print or save documents in their document area

✓ Print&mail services

Electronic hand-over of files to a 3rd party print&mail provider

increase your efficiency in admin and improve service


See in an instant what is going on in your housing complex.

✓ Damage reports and notifications - fast and direct

Informing your administration about damages or ask them a question is just a few swipes with hausify: Start the app, choose the damage type, take a picture. Lean back, the problem is being taken care off.

✓ Public notifcations

Everyone is up to date at all times. All residents are able to see what neighbours have already reported. The nagging question call or not - past! 

keep the overview
- anytime

✓ Always informed - progress status

Follow-up on the progress of a damage report: reported, in progress or done - logged with time stamp. Once done, rate the work’s quality.

✓ Do not make the same mistake again

hausify gives you an overview of the history of damage reports. Do we learn from our mistakes? Is the situation as bad as we sometimes think? 

Digital and direct communication

You most certainly can call you administration. You do not have to though. Communication with hausify is traceable and binding.

✓ Digital bulletin board

Your bulletin board becomes digital. This way information from your administration reaches you, even when you are not at home.

✓ Who's your contact? Sure!

Contact your property manager directly by private message.

Your message stays anonymous to other tenants.
Or call directly from hausify app.

✓ History

All your communication is saved and trackable, certainly for your eyes only.

Fast and easy communication using Android, Windows or iOS.